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On-Demand Mechanic Training Made Easy

 80% of information that employees learn without repetition is forgotten, illustrating the need to adopt a practical and conceptual shift in employee training programs.

Increased Retention Through Skills Development

With the dire shortage of qualified Diesel Technicians on the market today and a broken apprenticeship system, addressing employee turnover makes smart business sense. Countless studies have shown that companies who invest in their employees have a much higher employee satisfaction and retention rate. If you are struggling to find qualified techs, our training can help develop them. 

Increased Savings From Reduced Equipment Downtime

VieTechU’s Diesel Engine Diagnostic training programs help reduce outsourced repairs and related downtime for your diesel fleet. Service technicians will gain the in-depth fundamental knowledge of modern complex fuel and emission control systems and electronic tools that are necessary for proper and effective troubleshooting and repair. Unlike OEM training, our courses are designed to be delivered online and on-budget to meet the demands of your busy operation. VieTechU’s own Diesel Engine Technology Fundamentals course curriculum is utilized to develop the core-competencies that directly translate to on-the-job performance improvement for your service team.

Advanced Cognitive Learning  

One of the challenges of becoming proficient with complex software is it requires repetition. VietechU’s training covers all aspects of Cummins Insite, High-Pressure Common Rail fuel systems, and Emissions and Aftertreatment with new courses currently under development. For most, it’s not possible to retain this amount of information without having the opportunity to digest and apply it in a real work setting. Our unique solution is to break our courses into hundreds of short, easy to understand training clips. Once the training is completed, our indexed training library allows mechanics to easily reference hundreds of short videos. This allows technicians to reinforce training and access service information wherever they are, on-demand, from the convenience of their smartphone. 


  • Customizable corporate dashboard
  • On-Demand training
  • Centralized control and overview of all users and sub-administrators
  • Industry experienced and qualified Instructors
  • Mechanics can learn at their own pace
  • Real-time tracking of all individual course progress
  • Customizable training packages tailored to the demands of each mechanic
  • A searchable reference library of hundreds of short training videos
  • High-quality videos with closed caption capabilities
  • VieTechU Certification upon completion of programs


  • Reduced training costs
  • Convenient real-time training
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Maximize the longevity of your fleet
  • Reduce outsourced repairs
  • Improved mechanic efficiency
  • Encourage employee retention
  • Ensure timely software updates
  • Ensure proper engine calibration
  • Gain access to all critical fault parameters
  • Improve fuel efficiency across your fleet
  • Improve engine performance across your fleet 


             Reduced Fleet Downtime + Increased Fleet Efficiency + Reduced Outsourcing of Repairs = INCREASED PROFITS​​​​​​​