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VieTechU Subscription Packages

VieTechU’s training packages can be customized to accommodate both individual and corporate training needs. The main difference between individual and corporate subscriptions is course access.  All corporate accounts packages have access to the full training library differentiated only by their seat license volume. Individual mechanics can purchase courses individually or like corporations, the entire training library which offers them substantial savings. Each free account comes pre-loaded with sample videos in each section for you to view.  Once a course is purchased, all training activity is conveniently tracked and displayed in your customized account dashboard.  Corporations with multiple locations can also monitor training at all locations for each employee. In today's competitive talent market, training is considered today to be one of the most essential components for increasing employee retention.


Individual Subscription

SAVE over $350 by purchasing our full course access subscription. The complete full curriculum offers Basic, Advanced, and Expert levels in each course category below:

  • Electronic Service Tool Use (Cummins INSITE) 
  • High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel System Operation & Diagnosis
  • Exhaust Aftertreatment & Emissions System Theory & Operation 

Each user will have access to their completed course content and able to obtain a VieTechU Certification upon completion of their course and exam.  The certification will be added to our public registry where anyone including potential employers can verify. 

*All subscription costs are in USD – To purchase all of these courses individually would cost $1350.  Save today with your full-access subscription.  

Corporate Subscriptions

1 Master Account 

Up to 5 sub-accounts 

Original Price - $4999 USD 
Save 20% = 1 Free Account (Valued at $999USD)

*Payment plans available upon request


1 Master Account

Up to 10 sub-accounts

Original Price - $9990 USD

Save 30% = 3 Free Accounts (Valued at $2997 USD)

*payment plans available upon request


2 Master Accounts

Up to 20 sub-accounts

Original Price - $19,980 USD

Save 35% = 7 Free Accounts (Valued at $6,993 USD)

*payment plans available upon request


For organizations with over 20 techs

and/or multiple service locations.


Contact Sales for a customized account.


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